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Award Winning Curriculum

YouTube, podcasts, social media, storytelling. This is what kids do online. These are the components incorporated through our curriculum. This is how you engage students in online learning. This is what makes us different.

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Dedicated Teachers

You can’t do it all - you definitely can’t do it all alone. We understand the valuable impact teachers play in student growth and development. A great teacher is engaging, challenging, supportive, and understanding. They make up the very core of Colorado Virtual Academy.

Direct Parent Involvement

Parents matter. Any number of studies prove it. Our model allows parents visibility into student performance that just isn’t possible in other schools.

THE COLORADO VIRTUAL ACADEMY MODEL works best when there is a strong degree of parent involvement, which varies by grade level.

To help you decide if Colorado Virtual Academy is right for you, please consider these expectations for parent and student engagement.


Parents should expect to commit an average of four to five hours each day in support of their child’s education.


Parents will note that the required time commitment decreases. However, these parents are still expected to have direct and daily interaction with the child’s education.


For students at the high school level, we provide an academically challenging environment that empowers highly capable students to grow and prepare for success at the collegiate level. Our goal is to help each child build the necessary academic confidence and credentials to be accepted at the college of his or her choice.

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